Wireless E-Paper

Wireless E-Paper

E-Paper is a battery-powered digital sign and requires no power or network cables.

E-paper can be moved around as needed and is available in several sizes. The solution is particularly suitable for e.g. meeting rooms where information is often needed.


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The battery life is up to 2 years – depending on how often information is updated on the E-paper sign. The sign uses power only when information changes, which is the reason for the long battery life. The power source is standard 3V batteries, which you can easily change yourself.

E-Paper can be set up for Exchange 365, so you can view information from the Outlook calendar and it communicates with a central CMS system where the overview can be planned and visualized.

Font colors in display:

  • Red
  • Black
  • White


  • 87 x 43 x 13 mm
  • 100 x 85 x 13 mm
  • 133 x 107 x 13 mm
  • 182 x 122 x 15 mm