Whiteboard Film

Whiteboard Film

Whiteboard Film is very practical in a meeting room or in your creative department as you can write directly onto the film and erase it just as easily after.

Brainstorming has now gotten a whole new meaning, instead of bringing around the four wheeled whiteboard rig you can now have a meeting around your wall or glass window.


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Whiteboard Film can be produced in a white or transparent vinyl. The transparent vinyl gives you the opportunity to choose between multiple color options of vinyl that you can place behind the transparent whiteboard film, so it does not necessarily need to be white.

Another solution is that you install colored or sand blasted vinyl on the backside of the glass, and simply write directly onto the other side of the glass. The colored or sandblasted vinyl will hide the writing from people on the other side so you cannot see through.

Advantages of Whiteboard Film:

  • Can be used on any type of smooth surface
  • Easy to write and erase again
  • Can be removed easily without causing any damage to the surface it was installed on