Sun Vinyl (Solar Film)

Sun Vinyl (Solar Film)

Too much sun can be a disadvantage and become incredibly uncomfortable to work in for all employees, customers and visitors.

Dansign can help you reduce the heat and inconvenience associated with the sun.

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If you have the feeling that you are no longer working in an office environment, but rather a greenhouse, then Solar Film is probably what you need.

Solar Film contains a number of different metals that reflect the suns beams. It can reduce the temperature by up to 6 degrees Celsius and remove up to 95% of a computer screens sun reflections. Besides this it also blocks harmful UV-rays from the sun, which can also cause damage to interior decorations color.

Benefits of Solar Film:

  • Solar film can reduce the energy expenses e.g. on air condition.
  • Solar film improves the indoor climate and creates a better work environment.
  • Can reduce extreme heat spikes and blinding light from affecting the employees.
  • The vinyl does not affect your ability to see out of the window. Depending on the vinyl it can be almost invisible.
  • The Solar film has a very long lifespan and durability.
  • Can be found in versions suitable for either installation on the interior or exterior surface of the windows.