Glass Decorations

Glass Decorations

A beautiful glass decoration is an easy way to impress your customer.

Glass walls are becoming more and more popular for office solutions. Therefore its also essential in many cases to have some glass vinyl decoration on glass walls for offices and meeting rooms where discretion is sometimes needed.

The decoration can have multiple purposes, so it serves as both a discretion vinyl as well as a decoration.

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Vinyl / Foils / Film Decoration can be installed on all glass surfaces and walls.

It can serve as a creative, practical and decorative product. The decoration itself can be shaped into anything you want.

  • The vinyl decorations can be cut in sandblasted vinyl, transparent vinyl, or in colored full covered vinyl
  • We can print on both colored or transparent vinyl
  • Make your logo or slogan visible
  • Glass vinyl can be used as a safety measure on glass walls and doors
  • Can be used for increasing privacy
  • Easy to change