Acoustic solutions for ceilings

Acoustic solutions for ceilings

Do you know the feeling of the resonance in a room?

Then you might work in a room with poor acoustics, where it is difficult to hear what you are thinking.

Noise nuisances such as the echo and echo quickly become an annoyance and often result in decreased productivity.


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Bad Acoustic is the result of sounds reverberating for too long.

Acoustic solutions for ceilings

Reverberation is the amount of time that passes from when a sound is ended and until it dims out. The surfaces of the room determine how the sound spreads. In rooms with a lot of hard surfaces, the sounds will often bounce from surface to surface, resulting in a long reverberation period.

In todays modern offices and buildings, the surfaces are typically hard because of the many glass surfaces and limited amount of furniture. This combination often makes it a challenge for the acoustic indoor climate and affects it in a negative way as well as the productivity of the people working there. Luckily, there is a solution. Luckily, there are a few options to reduce the reverberation and acoustic of the room while improving the visual decorations.

We can help you find the right solution whether it is:

  • Smartframes med acoustic panels
  • Wall-/Ceiling panels
  • Acoustic Walls
  • Decorations for walls and glass surfaces


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