Reduce Material Consumption

Environmental considerations is part of our DNA. Our business strategy and ambition is to be the company  in the world in the signage and wayfinding industry that puts sustainable solutions first.

Our strategy contributes to reduced material consumption and waste and efficient use of energy resources. We have developed circular economy signage solutions and have developed the first cradle to cradle modular sign system in the world

PlanSign is, as the world’s only sign system, Cradle to Cradle environmentally certified and re-certified in 2018 to silver level.

Dansign is the contractors, architect and designer’s partner when it comes to reducing the environmental impact of a wayfinding and sign project. For example, focus can be on Cradle to Cradle certified products, PVC-free films etc.

Sustainability is therefore thought into the whole company, and Dansign buys renewable energy through REC (renewable energy certificates) via Orsted (wind).

Dansign look forward to being your partner in creating a sustainable signage and wayfinding solution.

CONTACT Dansign phone +45 4484 0330 or mail.

Cradle to cradle certifikat 2018 cradle to cradle scorecard