PlanSign – Cradle to Cradle Certification

The PlanSign sign is your environmentally friendly choice. The sign is made of 5 mm aluminum, beautiful, timeless design and very flexible. It can be combined in countless ways and in many different sizes for indoor and outdoor use.

PlanSign is the only sign system in the world that is Cradle to Cradle certified. In 2018, we have met even higher environmental standards and is now on Silver level.

The sign is equipped with the patented magnetic locking system that ensures that it is easy and simple to maintain.

PlanSign was previously awarded the international product design award “iF Design Award”.

Designed in collaboration with PLH Architects.

CONTACT Dansign phone +45 4484 0330 or mail.

Cradle to cradle certifikat 2018 cradle to cradle scorecard