Testimonials from Architects, Designers and customers

Dansign works closely together with architects and designers on projects in Denmark and around the world.

Since 1982, Dansign been the architect / designer’s partner in the development of thousands of wayfinding-and signage concepts

Some of the major projects we have completed recently are: Copenhagen Airports, Deloitte North America, CSC world-wide and Spectrum Health Group (hospitals in Michigan).

See testemonials from some of our customers:

PLH Design, Henning Solfeldt: Testimonial Henning Solfeldt, Design Manager, PLH Architects

Dansign and PLH Architects embarked on collaboration in 1994, when Dansign was awarded the signage contract for ØK’s new headquarters on Midtermolen wharf. Inspired by the curved main building, I designed a number of curved signs, which Dansign manufactured and installed as custom products. Subsequently, we went on to develop the signage system into a standard product, which we named CurveSign.

In light of its success, Dansign and PLH then developed the flat PlanSign signage system, where we further developed Dansign’s patented magnetic lock system in the underlying mounting system.

I have found Dansign to be a professional and reliable collaborative partner, who was both demanding and an innovative provider of solutions during the development phase. As a supplier of signs, Dansign is extremely efficient and flexible, and given its in-depth knowledge of signage systems it is always able to solve any problems that may arise.

Henning Solfeldt –  Design Manager, Architect (MAA),  PLH Architects

Anne Qvist, industrial designer, arkitekt maa: Testimonial Anne Qvist, Design Manager, industrial designer, architect maa

“Working on product development together with Dansign has been a fantastic experience.
From the very first preparatory meeting, Dansign has proved itself to be a professional and knowledgeable design partner, showing great respect for our design and contributing their comprehensive signage knowhow.

As a result, we now have an extremely impressive and innovative sign series. Making it unscathed through the entire product development phase is always a great source of satisfaction.

Our goal is to build cohesion and user-friendliness into product design. We are therefore greatly looking forward to launching the new series onto the market”.

Anne Qvist, industrial designer, architect – Designer of GuideSign

Lars Vejen, architect and designer Lars Vejen has created a new interior product – A-Wall – and we welcome manufacturer Dansign as our new partner!

The design process with Dansign has been incredibly enthusiastic, with great energy from both sides during the development of this new breakthrough product. Dansign and Lars Vejen’s joint development work has resulted in a brand new communications product.

Lars Vejen – Designer of A-Wall


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