A-Wall – Mediawall

A-Wall is a custom made media/design/decorative wall display system. Designed in collaboration with designer Lars Vejen.

A-Wall can be use to communicate changing news, messages, product displays, photo collage, exhibitions, art gallery, donor wall, or simply as decoration to enhance your reception area or meeting room.

A-Wall is based on a grid system and is available in different European A formats sizes – A3, A2, A1, and A0.

A-Wall panels are manufactured in a variety of materials such as glass, steel, aluminum, wood, whiteboard, felt and cork. The system also allows integration for LED displays, whiteboards, and pin boards. There are endless possibilities when it comes to your display.

A-Wall is designed on a magnetic mounting grid system with interchangeable display panels, making installation a breeze. A-format panels are easily clicked into place on the magnetic grid mounting system. The magnetic configuration allows the panels to be simply re-arranged and recreate an entirely new wall at any time.

Designed by Lars Vejen, architect and designer, in corporation with Dansign.

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