Residential buildings

Residential buildings

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Signage for apartments and housing associations requires high flexibility, durability and last but not least a low maintenance cost when new tenants move in.

Dansign has provided signage for multiple different types of housing associations around the country like:

  • Public Housing
  • Student apartments
  • College rooms and apartments
  • Retirement homes

Our signage system Locksign is a popular choice due to its durability, high flexibility, low unit costs both at first purchase and later when maintaining the signs due to its easy spring lock mechanism.


The Locking System

The LockSign sign itself is equipped with a unique spring lock mechanism that insures that only the authorized personal with the correct magnet can change easily change and maintain the signs.


Manageable and easy signage is important

Whether the buildings complexity is big or small its equally important that the signage solution provides you with a good guidance and overview.


A Sign is not just a sign

Clear and direct signage makes it easier for residents and visitors to find their way. A monolith or stand at the entrance of the road is the first thing that gives you an indication, after that directories or maps can help guide you further until you reach the housing unit numbers, hallway signs or door telephones.

It´s important that the signs are placed in a strategic and correct order, so it becomes easy and clear to find your destination.



  • Boligforeningen 3B
  • FSB Boligselskaber
  • Arbejdernes Boligselskab
  • Pakhusene, Aarhus
  • Lyngby, Alm. Boligselskab
  • Datea
  • ATP Ejendomme
  • C.W. Obel Ejendomme
  • Danasvej
  • Nordbro
  • DEAS Ejendomme