Public & private companies

Public & private companies

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It´s not always that we notice which buildings we pass when we either walk or drive. As a business, you can easily be forgotten in the crowd.


The facade is your firsthand impression.

With a pylon or facade sign, as a company you can easily show your surroundings what the company is called, show your logo or visually what you represent and offer. If you choose graphic elements as eye-catchers, you are more likely to be remembered the next time your customer need the exact product your business is offering.


The right choice and design creates the best story for your business

Signage is more than company logo and department names. It is also part of the company’s identity to the outside and can show customers how quality focused you are about the company’s services or products.
The higher the quality of the signage, the more you signal professionalism, stability, and success.

The right signage can not only give life to the building, but also help to create a good overview and provide calming effects for both staff and guests.


Close collaboration with architects, communications managers, facility managers and other decision makers

Since 1982, Dansign has been developing signage solutions for public and private companies in Denmark and the rest of the world. We have extensive experience in creating mesmerizing signs that are visually informing, and make it easy to find your way.

Do you need advice, please do not hesitate to contact us, we are happy to help.

Some of our references:
• Ministries of Denmark
• Municipalities and regions
• Copenhagen’s Airport
• The chamber attorney etc.