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Signage for hospitals

On arrival at a hospital, many may be particularly vulnerable and therefore have difficulty thinking logically and finding their way.

If the destination cannot be found, increased stress and insecurity arise in patients and relatives, which results in a deteriorated “experience” of the visit. At the same time, it can also increase the workload of employees who spend time helping lost patients and relatives on the right path. However, using a simple and clear signage solution this is absolve the problem.


The importance of a clear signage

The signage must be simple and logical in order for everyone to find the right destination without any problems. In addition, the signage requires great flexibility so that it can be easily changed, moved around and maintained on site by proper staff.



Dansign has developed several wayfinding and signage solutions for the hospital sector to:

    • Aalborg Universitetshospital
    • Gødstrup Hospital
    • Bispebjerg Hospital
    • Hvidovre Hospital
    • Psykiatrisygehus, Slagelse
    • Gentofte Sygehus
    • Gildhøj Privathospital
    • Gødstrup Hospital
    • Rigshospitalet
    • Spectrum Health Group, USA
    • Wollongong Hospital, Australien
    • Addenbrooks Hospital, England

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