Educational institutions

Educational institutions

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With a beautiful facade sign, the school becomes visible at a long distance and a pylon helps to create an eye-catching effect and guide students, staff and visitors to their goals.
As soon as you enter the school, there are signs that will guide you further or show you which section you are in.


Everyone should be able to find their way

Many people are traveling to an educational institution and it is important that signage and wayfinding are easy and clear so that everyone can find their destination. This regardless of nationality and any handicaps. It is also important to ensure simplicity and take precautions for people that want to tamper with the signs. This is typically in schools with younger grades.


Since 1982

Dansign specializes in getting people to move effectively in educational environments.

In recent years, Dansign has been responsible for the signage in the following places:

  • UCC Professional College
  • University of Southern Denmark in Kolding
  • VIA University, Aarhus
  • DTU – Technical University of Denmark
  • DPU – Denmark’s Institute for Pedagogy and Education
  • Royal Danish Music Conservatory
  • Christianhavns School
  • Peder Lykke School
  • Grøndalsvængets School etc.