Gummifabriken – Sweden

The both iconic and enormous 18.000 m2 factory “Gummifabriken” in Värnamo, Sweden, has been redesigned into a cultural center and place of gathering for the city’s citizens.
Inside, there are two cinemas, a theater, restaurants, retail stores, office space to lease and more. Facilities and activities which are far from the original purpose of the factory, which was to produce bicycle tires in the 1900’s.

Dansign has been in charge of the wayfinding, development of the graphic design, as well as producing and implementing both interior and exterior signage.

The PlanSign system has been selected for the indoor static signage concept, and with the patented magnetic spring lock the system secures flexibility and easy maintenance for the staff.

PlanSign is environmentally sustainable and has been Silver certified by Cradle to Cradle.
With focus on increased accessibility for all, Dansign has installed several signs with tactile and braille within Gummifabriken.

The digital signs has been created in close collaboration with Novicom and our Swedish partner Perneheim Skyltdesign.