Is sustainability important to you?

The only Cradle to Cradle Certified signage system in the world

Is it really true that a signage system made of aluminum can get certification of being sustainable. Yes, it is, and again Dansign’s PlanSign system has been recertified, even though stricter requirements were introduced. We even scored gold and platinum in certain categories. As the only company in the world we produce a Cradle to Cradle Certified signage system. We are very pleased and proud to be able to offer our clients this unique solution.

If you agree that sustainability is important, please do not hesitate to contact Dansign.

The PlanSign systems is your environmentally friendly choice. The sign is made of 5 mm aluminum, beautiful, timeless design and very flexible. It can be combined in countless ways and in many different sizes for indoor and outdoor use.

A Cradle to Cradle environmental certification forms the basis of a careful analysis and evaluation of all ingredients in the product, which is made by scientists in both Hamburg and San Francisco.

Cradle to Cradle is a process in which products are recycled – cradle to cradle, which means less strain on the environment and a new way of thinking about sustainability.