An efficient flow

Wayfinding means – quite simply – to guide people to their destination in the most appropriate and efficient way. Good wayfinding provides a great positive experience for us humans, poor wayfinding can cause uncertainty and irritation and in the worst case, chaos.

It requires a carefully planned strategy to guide people from A to B – possibly via C.

Professional expertise, experience and psychological insight are some of the most important skills to get people moving in the patterns you have planned in advance.

Dansign are specialists in developing wayfinding and strategic sign planning, taking into account accessibility for ALL – including people with disabilities, as well as the environmentally friendly aspect.

Our expertise in this area has been achieved on the basis of the many thousands of projects that we have participated in since 1982.

Dansign has built up an “experience bank” that makes it easy to identify bottle necks / problem areas in a building where special efforts should be made with signage. At the same time, we often identify that there are places where you can advantageously tone down and simplify the signage so that the wayfinding is clear.

A typical wayfinding total contract will consist of the following steps:

  • Data collection on site or from floor plans
  • Outline / plan systematics and movement patterns
  • Development of ” a signage family” containing all sign types inside and out
  • Location of all signs in relation to the wayfinding analysis
  • Specify products in terms of sustainability / accessibility for people with disabilities
  • Project Management and implementation of the sign project


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