Design & development

Graphic design and development of signage and design manuals

Development of signage and design manuals is important for the implementation of new signage as well as future maintenance.

A sign concept with a manual contains the different types of signs chosen by the customer. Also, sizes, color codes, fonts, location of texts, logo, location relative to frames or floors etc.

If a sign concept is not developed, confusion may arise each time new signs must be ordered. As a result, we often see that after a very short time there will be disjointed and not maintained signage. A specific sign concept ensures uniformity, a simpler procurement procedure and improved operating economy.

Dansign has many years of experience in developing sign concepts for customers at home and abroad in collaboration with, among other things, airports, universities, hospitals, businesses and architects.

Watch film below from our latest development project WoodSign in collaboration with Lars Vejen.


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