Make your signage Green

Dansign is the architect´s, the designer’s or facility manager’s partner, when it comes to planning a sign project, that has a low impact on the environment.

We create circular economy signage project and the Cradle to Cradle philosophy is part of our DNA and we know everything there is to know about creating an environmentally friendly signage solution. We support you in the process of specifying for example PVC free vinyl’s etc.

Dansign has achieved Cradle to Cradle certification as the first signage provider in the world. Read more on Cradle to Cradles website.

Our sign system PlanSign is per. 6/12-2018 on Silver level, which means even more strategies and criteria are met.

A Cradle to Cradle environmental certification forms the basis of a careful analysis and evaluation of all ingredients in the product, which is made by scientists in both Hamburg and San Francisco.

Cradle to Cradle is a process in which products are recycled – cradle to cradle, which means less strain on the environment and a new way of thinking about sustainability.

CONTACT Dansign phone +45 4484 0330 or mail.

Cradle to cradle certifikat 2018 cradle to cradle scorecard