Luminous patterns from Philips

Luminous patterns is creating new opportunities for architects and designers to enrich interiors through the integration of color, texture, light, pattern and movement.  We take the versatile power of LEDs and house it in a beautiful bespoke panel, creating a signature ambience that is ideal for hospitality and retail interiors.

Luminous patterns can be used to:

  • Create an enchanting welcome with energizing light that makes an instant impression
  • Direct guests with customized signage that matches your brand design
  • Bring retail brands to life at key locations, create stopping power in retail environments
  • Invent entirely new ways of integrating light into interior surfaces

Our system of custom-configured architectural panels comes in five integrated dynamic light effects: Round sparkling, Linear sparkling, 2D graphic, 3D graphic and Brilliant graphic. In addition, we offer a wide selection of surface finishes, graphic printing overlays, and customizable panel shape and size, allowing for full design freedom to differentiate any interior.

Impossible to forget, Luminous patterns puts a world of design possibilities in your hands. So you can express emotions, create striking accents and bring spaces to life. Discover more about Luminous patterns here

See youtube dansignand read more about Luminous patterns here